One of the places that people expect the most privacy is the bathroom. You can’t supply this privacy to yourself or guests without a door! As one of the most important parts of a bathroom, it is very important that you take care of your door and keep it in good condition. If your toilet door is falling off its hinges or acting out of the ordinary, it is time to replace it. You have toilet door problems, and we have solutions.

As door suppliers, we offer a wide selection of toilet doors for you to choose from for your replacement. We have the traditional bi-fold toilet doors. We have sliding toilet doors. We also have the less traditional, but still easy to use folding toilet doors and slide and swing toilet doors. Whatever your preference is, we can get it for you!

Not only can we supply you with a beautifully designed door at a reasonable price, we can also install it for you! Our guys are fully equipped to handle any installation. Your bathroom door will get a lot of use and needs to be able to withstand all of that use. Expert Doors Singapore will make sure your toilet door is sturdy and looks great.

Lastly, if your toilet door is just having some minor issues that you do not think constitute a complete replacement of the door, we can still work with you! Our trained professionals are able to repair bathroom doors with ease. They will come in, assess your door, and do any necessary repairs. If they determine that you need a completely new door, they will suggest the proper replacement and help you get it all installed and ready to go.

Toilet doors are an absolute necessity, so do not let them fall to the bottom of your “to do” list. Call us now to get your door back to normal!


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June 24, 2019