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Veneer Door Replacement & Repair

Veneer Door Replacement & Repair

Veneer doors are very cool because of how they are made. Instead of just grabbing a slab of wood and creating a door out of it, veneer doors are made very meticulously through a unique process. Each section of the door is made from slivers of wood that are put together side by side to create the slab of wood for the door. This give the door a much different look that encourages the eye to keep observing the materials and craftsmanship if the door.

Because of the way these particular doors are made, the only substance they come in is wood. This does not mean that they lack the variety or options that come with other doors, though! Wood can be stained and painted. Plus these doors are usually very unique on their own since no two doors can be put together in exactly the same way.

If you are looking for a premier veneer door that is unique and beautiful, you have come to the right place. We can find a door that is perfect for your house and the room you plan to put it in. Veneer doors are gorgeous, and we know we can find one that suits your taste and your budget!

When we get your veneer door in, we will immediately make an appointment with you to install the door. Our door install guys are very fast and very good workers, so we feel confident saying you will be more than satisfied with their service! They do a great job the first time.

This can also be said about our veneer door repair service. Due to veneer doors being specially made and uniquely crafted, they need special attention when it comes to repairs. All of our technicians are experiences with veneer doors and have no problem doing any repairs necessary.

If you have any veneer doors that need to be looked at or you are getting ready to replace you doors with veneer doors, give us a call! We are happy to set up a consultation for you.


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