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Pocket Door Replacement & Repair

Pocket Door Replacement & Repair

Pocket doors are great in any part of the house. They are super convenient if you want to divide a room without putting a very strict boundary like an ordinary door there. The pocket door is a sliding door that comes out from a hole in the wall to cut off one room from another. Whenever you want to open the door, the pocket door slides right back into its little home in the wall.

This makes the pocket door very versatile as it can be completely hidden at any time. In fact, they are sometimes hard to notice as they are just another part of the wall! If you want to do work in one room while someone else plays music in another, just close the pocket door to provide privacy and peace. Then open it when you are done, and no one can tell that there is a door there!

If you are looking for these great convenient alternatives to ordinary doors, call Expert Door Singapore. We are the number one supplier of doors in our area, so we have access to all the pocket doors and pocket door systems you need. We can also install them for you! We do new pocket door installation at a very reasonable rate, and we do a great job the first time.

Additionally, we can repair any pocket doors you have in your house. Our guys are professional and skilled so we can get the job done well while being polite and organized. Whether it is a repair or a replacement, we recommend you call us to set up an appointment. We are the best door replacement and repair company around, and we can’t wait to work with you!



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